Why Choose DBphotography?

Why Should You Choose David Briggs Photography?

There are so many photographers out there, and you have probably bookmarked many of them. Here are some key advantages in trusting David Briggs to photography your wedding day.

  • Experience: You are getting a photographer with over 15 years of professional photography experience. Why hire someone with less?
  • Referrals: You are getting one of the areas most trusted and referred photographers. Often he photographs brothers, sisters, wedding party and relatives weddings, all on great recommendations from past work.
  • Personality: Wouldn’t you love to have someone that takes great images without having an intrusive and obnoxious personality? David has a way to put people at ease in front of a camera.
  • Skill: With experience in the technical part of photography, the industrial and commercial side of this craft, David has excellent exposure and lighting technique to get the image right the first time, without an inexperienced ‘hit-and-miss’ approach.
  • Reliability: David handles most of the work himself- from the planning, to the photography, right down to the photo editing of the images. The responsibility is never passed on to someone else- it is David’s reputation at stake.
  • Creativity: Never content with staying the same, David is able to work a new spin on composing a shot- whether it is in the posing, lighting or angle of the shot, David is more of a ‘leader’ than an internet ‘copier’ of wedding photography.