Choosing Your Photographer

Now that you have decided to hire a professional photographer- which one should you choose?

Here are some key things to look at when deciding:

Friendly: you will be with this person not only in the planning stages of your wedding, but throughout your entire wedding day! Is this someone you feel comfortable being around? Are they courteous and will they be liked (and listened to) by friends and family?

Experienced: is this photographer experienced enough to cope with any problems that may arise on your wedding day? It is times like these when you will be glad that you went with an experienced photographer.

Creative: does this photographer just copy other photography poses, or do they have a style of their own? A well thought out, consistent collection of photographs shows much better than a checklist of neat poses taken off the internet.

Complete Professional: not just someone who calls themselves a professional, but someone who carries themselves well, well dressed and well spoken, and is fully equipped with back up equipment in case of failure.

Flexible: will this photographer create a package, and work the wedding day to suit you- rather than you fitting in to their work flow and pricing? When you meet with them, get a fell for their interest in your photography ‘likes and dislikes’, and make sure that they offer flexible packages to suit you.

Well Organized: can you see this person confidently and efficiently working throughout your entire wedding day? You have to be well organized and on top of the events of the day to be successful.

Skilled: just because they call themselves professional, does not mean they are well skilled in the photography craft. How is their colour consistency, there exposure, and they computer retouching skills. This will come into play after the wedding day itself- don’t be caught off guard on this important skills.

Meeting with a potential photographer is a must before hiring- and having a set of engagement photographs can be a great way to get comfortable, and confident, with your photographer choice. This is why David Briggs Photography offers engagement photos included in all of their wedding packages.