Post Production

Post Production of Images:
Commercial photography of product including digital editing

Product photography with post production work

The challenge of this on location product photography was quite extensive. We had to carefully light to avoid reflections, shoot in RAW format for all of the detail in trade show display, and clean all of this up in Photoshop- along with removing the unsightly factory background.

When you hire David Briggs Photography- you are getting to use our experience in some of the most challenging product photography out there. Here, we were able to give the client high resolution, quality photography of their products that would help them stand out from their competition at trade shows- as well as on the web.

Contact us so we can show you how our expertise can deliver better images than you ever thought possible for your business. We will give you a free quotation, and meet with you at your business to go over what you are looking for in your photography- and make sure that we stay withing your advertising budget.